They say I'm savin' my city, say I'm stayin' for good
They screamin'
I'm thinkin' maybe I should
Somewhere in Paradise (2015)

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Hey Chicago,

We need a new mayor.

Rahm Emanuel has been in office since 2011. In that time we’ve seen the closure of 50 public schools, the largest in history. The city shut down 6 of its 12 mental health clinics. The Department of Justice found a pattern of civil rights violations by the Chicago Police Department, including but not limited to the murder of Laquan McDonald. It’s time for change.

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Summer school get to losing students
But the CPD getting new recruitment
Summer Friends (2016)

Elections are coming up in February 2019, and last time turnout was under 33%. This is alarming, considering how much power the mayor of Chicago wields: our mayor gets to decide how the city spends its money, who will lead our police department, and even what legislation City Council will pass. We can do much, much better—we have to, with so much at stake.

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Funerals for little girls
is that appealing to you?
From your cubicle desktop
what a beautiful view
Acid Rain (2013)

We want a mayor who will fight for public education. We want a mayor who will reinvest in black and brown communities on the South and West Sides. We want a mayor who will address our epidemic of gun violence without the brutality of police or prisons. We want a mayor who will let the young people of Chicago lead.

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I got some ideas that you gotta see
Blessings (Reprise) (2016)

Now is the time to ask ourselves: who can be the mayor we need?

Hey Chance,

We think you’d be a great mayor.

We love your music—we’ve been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the work you’ve done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage, and you do us proud.

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I'm in love with my city,
bitch I sleep in my hat
Finish Line/Drown (2016)

We know you don’t think of yourself as a politician, and we respect that. But this election is an opportunity for Chicago that we don’t want to miss.

We think if you ran, you would win. And if you won, you would do a good ass job. You’re already making change in our city: your work supplying coats for people experiencing homelessness, your long-running Open Mike for high school students, and your million dollar donation to CPS all demonstrate a commitment to empowering Chicago’s marginalized populations. You’d send a message that Chicago is ready for a new generation of leadership.

A drawing of Chance the Rapper performing
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I got my city doing front flips
When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship
I guess that's why they call it where I stay
Clean up the streets
So my daughter can have somewhere to play
Angels (2016)

Let’s say you decide not to run. That's cool too, but we hope you will still get involved. Will you speak with candidates for mayor about CPS, like you did with Governor Rauner? Will you endorse a candidate who will fight for the South and West sides? Will you help Chicago’s youth participate in Chicago elections, and encourage your fans to vote?

You don’t have to decide right now. 2019 is kind of a long way away. But the people are screaming for you, and Chicago is hungry for change. Think about it...

The Chano4Mayor2k19 Team

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About the 2019 Mayoral Election

Here’s some information you can use if you want a mayor like Chance:

When is the next election for mayor of Chicago?

February 26th, 2019.

Who can vote in Chicago elections?

You can vote in Chicago if you’ll be 18 years old by Election Day. (This means you can vote in the 2019 Mayoral Election if you were born on or before February 26th, 2001.)

You must be a U.S. citizen, live in Chicago at least 30 days before the election, not claim the right to vote elsewhere, and not be in prison or jail serving time for a conviction.

If I'm not registered, how can I register to vote?

If you have an Illinois state ID or driver’s license, you can register online here. If you don’t have those forms of ID but qualify to vote (see above), you can still register by printing and filling out this form. You may also need to bring identification when you vote—more info here.

How do I know if I'm registered?

You can check if you're registered to vote in Chicago elections with this tool.

We hope you feel inspired to take action—to vote for Chance, or maybe even to run for mayor yourself. We know 2019 seems far away, but time moves quickly. We think the right time to get organized is now!

A drawing of Chance the Rapper performing

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Water-resistant, self-heating coats! Laura Wagner, "Chicago's Chance The Rapper Joins With Nonprofit To Give Coats To Homeless," NPR, December 2015.

"What Chance is doing, and maybe he doesn’t even realize it, is that he’s giving back in a certain way that creates new avenues for equity and access." - Malcolm London, poet/rapper/activist
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...along with a promise to match every $100,000 donated through Social Works with $10,000 for a specific Chicago public school. Dan Hymon, "Chance the Rapper Donating $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools," Rolling Stone, March 2017.

In Illinois, you can vote as long as you are not currently serving a sentence for which you've been convicted, and upon release you can immediately re-register. Other states strip anyone convicted of a felony of their voting rights permanently. Nationwide, 6.1 million American citizens cannot vote due to a felony conviction. Jean Chung, "Felony Disenfranchisement: A Primer," The Sentencing Project, May 2016.