Other Music Visit

I paid a visit to Other Music this weekend and had a remarkably good harvest - thanks in part to the used section, 4 CD's for less than $25:

Kraftwerk - Computer World. My first Kraftwerk album! I've always been curious but never given a Kraftwerk LP a full listen. Great stuff though, with some very cool rhythms. Just the beautiful melody on "Computer Love" and the crazy sound effects on "Pocket Calculator" should be enough to keep this in my CD player for a while.

Italo Deruggiero. APT's music director Alec Deruggiero put this mix together. I have limited experience with Italo, just the I-Robots compilation, and this mix is of a pretty different tenor - closer to a funky disco vs. tweaked out new wave, and I can see myself listening to it much more. (Though a handful of I-Robots tracks keep me coming back.) Unique, catchy, accessible, and (not surprisingly) pretty close to what I've heard at APT. Highly recommended.

RVNG PRSNTS MX3: Tim Sweeney. Sweeney does WNYU's Beats in Space show every Thursday night, and you can usually find him manning the decks at one club or another every weekend. This mix is an interesting one - Can, Radiohead, Kraftwerk (Computer World's "Numbers" actually), LFO, Bauhaus, Carl Craig, Cat Power (!), a bunch more, and hard to resist for less than $5. Check here for the tracklisting and more info.

White Magic - Through the Sun Door EP. I've had my eye on this disc for a while, ever since it was released to a couple very positive reviews. Their set opening for Sonic Youth was great, and I'm looking forward to seeing them open for the Fiery Furnaces in a couple weeks. I haven't given this a spin yet, but from the snippets I've heard I should be pleased.